Drunk on the things we must do

Why is it that the things we want to do the most, become the things we do the least?

Interests we don’t do (or do last), friends we don’t see, self-care we put off…

Is it because they are harder to do? Too close to home? Too distracted? Disorganized? Discombobulated?

Drunk on the things we must do?

Probably a little of everything.

I think if we’ve finally figure out how to align our actual day to day to working towards our impossible dreams we would all feel better, a little brighter, a little more hopeful.

When you hear about someone online or from days long before who overcame their problems you can’t help but feel inspired and envious at the same time.

How did they figure out how to do it?

How how how?

I don’t know.

I think you only learn how in the heat of the moment you decide to go after it and figure it out yourself. To move your legs like you know how to run, until you learn how to *run*.

That’s the dirty secret about how:

It comes later. It comes from doing. It comes in the act and the experience/ experiments you try yourself. You can get a good picture of how from others — secrets of the trade — but you don’t really know how until after you’ve already done it.

The best example comes from you. Think of something you learned recently. You’ve learned and done something, and now you know **how** . Ask someone who wants to learn what you just learned and they’ll say the same things: how?? Luckily you have the answers now they’re looking for.

Someone likely has the answers to the how you’re seeking right now, it’s just a matter of asking for what they know, or figuring out yourself.


Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

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