Limited Pursuit

There’s power in honing your focus. Which doesn’t mean to say you can’t do many things, more like you increase your effectiveness the deep you go. 

The more you do, the harder it is to keep all of it in mind, the less time you have for each and therefore the less importance each becomes.

Think about doing a mental or creative task like you would a physical object, like a piece of fruit.

Holding one apple,

Would you try to hold 10 apples at once? How about 20? You scoop them with your arms, and gather cling to them with your chest, doing your best not to drop them. You’re 20 apples stop becoming apples and starts becoming ’them’ too. 

Would you try to eat 20 oranges? no you would get sick.

Yet why do we try to eat 20 projects / goals at once?

Not only do you have less time on each, you have less intentional focus needed to accomplish them.

But somehow, in the act of narrowing your focus, you begin to see more of the big picture.

Go small to go big.

Focus on one to focus on many.

Win the day, win your life.

Do it for you (or have one person in mind), and you resonate with more people.

Limited pursuit is unlimited pursuit.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

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