Creative Debt

The quality of your inputs determine the quality of your outputs.

Great books spark a mountain of ideas.

From laughter to tears, great film, plays and tv sweep you off your feet and spring up a spectrum of emotions.

Athletes, actors, SEALS, entrepreneurs, artists, youtubers — masters of their craft — make it look so easy you feel like you can do it too (and will probably go home and try).

There are so many things that can lift our spirits, and set afire our creative spirit. But not all inputs are created equal. And all inputs are absorbed, one way or another.

Everyone is vying for our attention (and usually our money) therefore everyone is shouting for us to consume their work. Like most things, attention, marketing, advertisement… are valuable tools and not bad, unless they are used for bad intentions.

If someone is only trying to get you to click on their headline so they can generate ad revenue with the ad’s on their site you are ignoring, then they’re not actually trying to help you find what you are looking for.

The same is true for things we choose to enjoy too.

Some entertainment is just there to fill up time (the void). Some Things were created to numb us out from our lives. No lessons, no sparks of insight or fire. Just noise. Just emptiness.

Sometimes I get bored and visit the same tech sites over and over again, hoping for something to peak my interest. The sites themselves aren’t nefarious, in fact they are mostly fantastic, I’m just abusing them to avoid my life in that moment.

Moments like these, remind me of the calories you get from eating artificial, processed food. They taste amazing in the moment, they even make you full, but they starve you nutritionally. bad inputs contribute to us feeling empty. And somewhere in the midst of all this lies our ability to create.

Creativity is a combination of our inner world and our outer world. Our imagination and our experience. Imagination comes from ourselves, but is inspired by other imagination. Both good and bad experiences resonate with who we are, and depending on the types of outlets we enjoy, can result in songs, books, paintings and all types of art. But without quality input, we starve our creative output.

Do you feel creatively in debt? Are you just going through the motions? Writing half-*ssed posts, pushing pixels, copying others or squeezing out work because you have to?

I think you need some new inputs.

Creativity inspires creativity.

Stealing isn’t stealing when you are using someone else’s creative expression to create something new.

Never stop seeking seeking great works of knowledge and art, and you’ll never stop producing great creativity. Will all of it be a knock out of the park? No, what is? But that doesn’t mean you didn’t create something special, something worth creating.

Go make stuff.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

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