Comeback Kid

“There is nothing as sweet as a comeback, when you are down and out, about to lose, and out of time.” — Anne Lamott

I’ve been feeling better recently. (Knock on wood.)

I’m still just as susceptible to being tired as I was before and have to be careful what I give my energy and focus to.

I’m still working on healing my neck pain. I’m still stressed about money and passions and time… But at the same time I’m different. There’s a pep in my step. I feel more like myself than I have been. Happy, free, clear, focused… (mostly focused lol)

A month ago, I was so tired of the way I was living day to day. When your life feels like a grind, you know your priorities are out of whack.

When things get hard, it’s easy to get stuck in a recursive loop, where you’re thoughts are always surpassing your voice by pumping out negative thought after negative thought, and where you go through the motions in your day, but don’t actually end up doing anything you really wanted to get to. You lose track of yourself and what you want.

But just because your stuck doesn’t mean you’ve lost. ‘Negative thoughts are not you.’ Going through the motions isn’t you.

Sometimes to get ourselves out of this loop, we need to act quickly without thinking.

No I don’t mean doing something dumb:


Sometimes we need to let our actions move faster than our thoughts.

No fear, no uncertainty, no excuses. Just pure movement and momentum.

Most of the time we know what we want, we’re just not doing them. Acting without thinking gives you a starting off point to do that.

For me, putting self-care first — over work, and busyness — has made the most significance in my life recently. It didn’t start with 100 habits that I wanted to do, it started with a one act without thought towards something I wanted. (Aka To work on my body / neck and get up early by going to the 6AM Ashtanga class in town at Yoga Landing)

There will always be setback, moments of feeling stuck.

Which also means there can always be comebacks if we allow them.

We all must stand up when we are down sometime or another. Find a positive excuse to stand up, and do it without giving your negative chatter time to keep you down.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W. 


The Comeback Kid by The Midnight

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