The Thing About Pursuing Multiple Things…

Is that you can’t, not exactly anyway. It’s false to believe we can do everything we want at once. You wouldn’t think that about food for example. Eating pizza, fries, salad, turkey, a smoothie, ice cream and pie all at once isn’t doable, and if it was you wouldn’t enjoy each as much as you would like.

To pursue multiple things, we much give our full focus and attention to one thing completely and then give our full focus to another thing.

It’s more like, multiple one things.

Many times, I’ve fallen into the trap of trying to do to much at once on the same day. Usually, after thinking through all the things I want to do I’ve already burned threw all of my energy just thinking about it all.

We are all time and energy bound.

I believe we can go after multiple dreams at once, but not every dream at once. mEverything, all at once is just stress and burnout waiting to happen.

To pursue multiple things, to master them, we must hone our habits, and be real with ourselves about how much we — our minds, bodies and spirits — can take one at once.

Being real is the first step towards mastery and a meaningful life.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

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