Let it breathe 

Have you ever tried staying up all night?

10 PM: Hey! I’ve got a great idea. Let’s stay up all night! 😄

11 PM: Yeah! still awake 🤪

12 PM: Allllright. Second wind. Let’s do this 💪

1 AM: 😏

2 AM: 🥺

3 AM: ☹️

4 AM: 🥵

5 AM: 🥴

6 AM: 🥶

6:30 AM: Woo! We did it! Party! Who needs sleep anyway?!  🥳

6:31 AM: 😴💤💤💤

As humans, somethings are innate within us, like eating, moving, mating and sleeping. Systems like these are built into the core of how we function. We can hack our systems, ignore and abuse our systems, even optimize them, but we still live within them. We can go without sleep for a while, but eventually our entire system breaks down.

Creativity is like this too.

The magic of your art is has its own fundamental systems.

Creativity needs effort. It’s hard to write a novel if you aren’t writing every day, even just a smidge. It’s the whole ‘butts in seats’ rule. Creativity needs a consistent, butt-in-seat, words on a page type of effort. It doesn’t have to be good at first, that’s not the point anyway. The point is to create.

Creativity needs time. The more time you put in, the more results you will get out of it. Each time you put in the work, you are slowly inching and molding your creativity like clay, closer and closer to something unique and excellent.

Creativity needs space. Effort and time must be matched with space. Let go of the effort and NEED to create. Let it breathe. You’ve experienced this before. Remember the last time you had an amazing idea in the shower? Or when you were bored, waiting in traffic or on the train. Think of it like letting your attention soften, like a camera out of focus. Your brain is still active and alive, making connections, comparing and swirling surroundings with experience. And then out of the blue — pop! A good idea appears from the ether. 

Creativity needs input. Good input is to your creativity just as soup is to your soul. When something moves or inspires you, you can’t help but jump out of your present, and explode with related ideas.

Creativity sometimes need frustration and pain. We all have been kicked in the teeth one way or another. Usually it leads to some incredible ideas and insights, despite the source. Some of the greatest works of art, songs, dances, expressions have come from pain. We feel it because we connect to your pain and relate it to our own.

I think creativity is also a piece of the human spirit. Without creativity, I’m not sure we would last very long.

I know I wouldn’t.

Daddy needs his tunes and art.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

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