Saying Yes to Creativity

Every decision is an arrow in the quiver. 

A shot you can take. Effort. Aim. Fire.

Which also means that there’s only so many arrows, so many decisions you can make, and each shot you take is also a shot you don’t take.

That’s why the decisions you make are vital.

Especially if you want to live a meaningful life true to yourself and that makes a difference.

Vital Decisions leaves room for uncertainty, fear and indecision to join the party, but hesitation doesn’t suit you.

No one wants to die with arrows still in their quiver.

The biggest mistake to learn from is not taking the shot.

The hardest part is knowing what to aim for. But that must come from you, and sometimes you have to shoot first and miss before you know what you really want to aim for.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

 — Josh W.

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