Own It

Whatever your thing is, you gotta own it.

No one listens to (or respects for that matter) those sitting on the teeter-totter about their passion and shtick.

Think about those you follow that you admire. Their way of thinking and seeing the world is a breath of fresh air to you. They can talk the ends and outs of their craft. They have internalized their life’s mission, to the point where everything they do aligns with their life long goals.

Hesitation, Indecision, lazy habits… are not what mastery is made of.

If you want to be great, you gotta be good, and if you want to be good, you gotta start (and probably suck at it) at the beginning.

Owning your craft is how you make your dreams happen.

Working on your skills, practicing weekly, daily even.

Movement makes the master.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W

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