Happy Place

It’s hard to deal with the pressures that come from living when you are chronically overworked, stressed and over stimulated. Everything feels harder than it should be, and if we are honest with ourselves, harder than it actually is. When you life feels chaotic AND we don’t have the resistance (physically, mentally, emotionally) to handle it, we’re like a pair of underwear spinning around in a tornado.

However, if you can find even just of sliver of solid ground to hold on to, even the darkest days can be days where you not only survive, but also thrive.

When you are centered, rooted in calm confidence, you can do almost anything.

Fear, setbacks, challenges rolls off you like an aerodynamic machine.

Problems arise, but they don’t overwhelm. How could they? You’re in your happy place.

A happy place is feeling a spark of fire, a feeling of ultra confidence and security. A stylish coat. The sound of waves at the beach. A pair of jeans that make your butt look (really) good. A morning workout. Anything that puts you at ease and allows you to be more of your true , unhomogenized self is a happy place.

We all have different types of happy places, and we all come to find our happy place in our own way. One thing I do know, you have to seek them out and nurture them.

The two methods to I’ve found that have worked for me are:

1). Do something I’ve been wanting to do but haven’t.

2). Do something different and out of the ordinary.

A happy place begins with a happy moment.

If you’ve been wanting to learn to paint, but can’t seem to actually do it, then it’s time to paint. Refuse to listen to yourself and what others say about why you shouldn’t paint. Go paint. Find a class and go. Cut away the fear of failing or not being any good. It’s okay if you’re not good. The point isn’t to be good right from the beginning, the point is to paint. If you don’t do it, you can’t get good anyway. And if you love it, make it into a regularly part of your week. A daily practice if possible.

A happy place sometimes comes from desperation

I’ve been feeling super out of it and low for the last few months. My life has been chaotic and I have felt like I’ve been unable to handle problems that have been arising. And out of my desperation, came the desire to get up early (like I used to) and unstuck myself by doing something different and out of the ordinary to reset my normal.

So I’ve started going to a 6AM Yoga class every morning.

Today was day 4, and even though waking up early feels impossibly hard, I still set my alarm, go to bed as early as I can, wake up early, drive to class.

To get out of a funk, you’ve got to get out of your head. Forget what the thoughts in your head are telling you. Focus on your actions. Move first, think later. Let the fear of the cost of inaction fuel you forward. Let the fear trail beyond your swift moves.

Find your happy place, and you’ll find the confidence (that you always had but were suppressing) you need to live a meaningful life.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

Josh W.

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