It’s amazing to me how quickly we can go from a negative state to a positive state (or from a positive to a negative). 

When you’re knee deep in the negative, everything feels against you. Everything is hard, overwhelming and you feel inadequate and small.

When you’re floating in the positive realm, everything just works. Opportunities and good news keeps happening. Challenging or unfortunate events happen, but you feel confident and capable of handing them.

I’ve been in a low place the last few days (weeks). I’ve been anything but chipper and capable. I’ve been getting up late — feeling like it’s impossible to get up early — I’ve been dragging my heels at work, unenthusiastic about what I’m doing, I’ve been stressed and overwhelmed about everything — money, work, health, goals and passions — and I’m sure I’ve been a bloody misery to be around.

And like the flip of a coin, my spirit was lifted today. Why? Because last night I decide to get up early (5AM) and go to an Ashtanga Yoga class. Call it an act of God, and or multiple people nudging me to do yoga on a regular bases (instead of just some sun salutations in the morning, my usual routine).

Just the simple act of getting up early, honestly, forcing myself out of bed,  moving my body and making time for myself first before the day begins for most people made all the difference.

Today was a great day, yesterday was a terrible day, and the only difference was me. I’m — or more accurately, my chatty brain inside my head feeding me thoughts — the factor that determines how my day goes. I had the same amount of happy moments, same amount of setbacks and money wrenches, same amount of ups and downs… the only difference between today and yesterday small movement in caring and loving myself.

Remember this when you’ve hit rock bottom, or feel so stuck you feel paralyzed:

A small act, A small change, A small nudge towards truth can make all the difference.

Negative can suddenly become positive.

Debt can suddenly become opportunity and wealth. 

Loneliness can become connection and compassion.  

Bitterness can become love. 

And low self-esteem can become capability and calm strength. 

And so much more. 

Will there be bad moments? Of course, but those can chance in an instant with the right amount of care and nurturing that I (know that) need to give myself and others.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W. 

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