The Head & The Heart

When your mind runs away from you — because of fear or anxiety or frustrations — focus your attention on your body instead of your head.

Move. Go for a run. Do some manual labor or chores. Focus on breaking a sweat.

If your mind is blocking you from action, let your actions be an alternate fuel source.

Because when you focus on your body, you suddenly forget all about what was worrying or consuming you, and you fall into living and feeling the moment. Feel the hammer against the nail as you build. Feel your breath and pulse as you exercise. Let your endorphins put you in a more positive state. Feel the freedom from thought — especially all-consuming, not very useful thought — that physical energy can bring.

And often times the worry or problem will pass. The frustration will fade away. You might not have an answer, but now you have the clarity to be open to one.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

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