When Your Unsure of What to Pursue…

What do the lives of those that pursue skills you’re interested in look like? Or in other words, if you look at a master of a particular craft and what their day to day looks like, does it look interesting and exciting to you?

Are they happy? Healthy? Fulfilled?

This is a great question of thought to help you decide whether or not the path you’re on is actually the one you want to and should be on.

Pursuing something, because it ‘sounds cool’ isn’t deep enough. That chain of thought only leads you in circles, or down a path you could careless about.

That’s why love of the pursuit, love of the game (whatever you want to call it) is vital.

We need heart in order to reach depth.

We need purpose in order to reach meaning.

So look at those in your industry that inspire you. Look to those who have been down the path you are desiring to take. Is the journey worth it to you? Are you excited about the work to get there? Does it scare you in a frightening, I need to do this kind of way?

We choose the lives we lead each day. At any moment, we can change our future by changing our minds.

Choose happiness. Choose health. Choose fulfillment.

Everything else is either an added bonus or distraction from a life well-lived.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

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