Finding Joy

When the going gets tough, everyone typically bends on the most important things.

When you’re low on money, you go cheap on food…

When you’re working like mad, you don’t exercise…

When you’re a lonely, sad, miserable, hot mess, you avoid your friends and hermit from your community.

But really we’re skipping over / abusing our defenses that are helping us overcome our problems.

Will cheap fast food make you feel better and enable you to fix your money problem?

Will avoiding everyone make your sadness go away?

I would argue no.

We avoid what brings us joy and strength, precisely where we need it most.

Embrace the problems your dealing with. Feed you mind body and spirit the joy it needs to fuel you through difficult times. Find your joy not by cutting corners, rather, find your joy through the capability of your creativity and health.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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