Burning with Frustration

On days like today — overstuffed, hectic kinda days — I feel the farthest from my dreams as possible.

Did I put in the time to improve in my pursuits? Did I give my energy to the right things?

Not really.

It was lots of stress, worry and business around work, money and problems.

Days like today are why the majority of us give up the goal. We put away the guitar, the idea, the dancing shoes, the ball, the pen… etc, step away and never return. I don’t blame anyone who does. Nor do I judge or scoff or feel anything other thansympathy for someone who has walked away from their dream.

But I can’t walk away.

I burn with frustration. Frustrations and desire to prove to myself that I can my my dreams come alive. Even in your worst moments, there’s always another chance for growth and change the next day. Cry. Sleep. Crawl out of bed, ready to fight another day.

Give as much time, energy and soul you can to your pursuits without losing your sanity (or your health).

It’s never to late to make your dream happen, and it’s never to late to find another dream to take its place if you gave up on it long ago.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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