‘Out With The Old, In With The New’

Or put less eloquently, new things don’t happen until you remove the old things.

Old ways of thinking.

Old habits, ingrained patterns.

Old memories holding you back.

Old coping mechanism.

If you’re seeking change, you have to do something new.

It sounds obvious, I know, but I find myself going back to the same old Josh’s ways of acting expecting things to happen or get better.

Act out. Make waves. Kick up the dirt.

But we don’t because, well, what if something goes wrong?

We are terrified of change, yet desire it so strongly. I suppose the distinction is that we only want things to change like we want them to change, instead of change we don’t see coming. This is like trying to say the earth is flat by believing. that it is, or trying to make a wall disappear by closing your eyes.

Change is a force outside of us.

Change is like grabbing hold of a bolt of lightning, we can direct it, but we cannot control it.

If you want to bring some new into your life, start by bucking the old and making a change towards the direction in life you would love to go.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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