Lead With Health

I’ve been pushing myself way too hard lately. Nothing says wet noodle like a hectic start up work schedule during the day and more side work and pursuing my dreams at night. A lot of the things I’m doing feel like a ‘have’ to. I have to do this, I have to do that…

But all of my dreams and pursuits, and relationship and creativity won’t amount to anything if max out my limits and my health and wellbeing suffers because of it.

Nothing should come before health.

But more often than not, everything does.

When we are more focused and concerned about our work, or dreams or finances or the daily fury of living a modern life, health is the last thing on our minds.

Until something goes wrong and then it’s the only things on your mind.

When you make health second or third or not important, everything suffers.

You’re not as mentally sharp unhealth.

You’re not as resilient, courageous, creativity…. and all the traits we want to embody.

The person you want to be starts with the healthiest, most optimized, bad *ss you can be.

That’s why we need to put ourselves first, and

Lead With Health.

Your Health is the foundation to everything you do and say. Optimize your health and you’ve optimized your life. Exercising, eating right get’s you fit and lean, but that’s just an outward external side-benefit, of what happens inside.

Health makes you strong, adaptable, focused and capable.

Let this be your wake up call.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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