A life well-lived is not comfortable. In fact, most of the time its the opposite of comfortable.

A life well-lived is an uncomfortable life.

Which sounds… uncomfortable… because it is.

But its worth it, because discomfort is where the magic happens.


Let me explain.

Everything you want out of life lives just beyond the edge of what you can tolerate.

When you’re comfortable, you’re living a marshmallow life.

Everything is squishy and safe (in theory).

Everything lives within routine and habits you’ve set up around you.

Everything around you — your house, where you live, your stuff — is in service to your desires and whims.

We are all like this. We all bend towards wanting safety and security. It’s built into our DNA. We protect ourselves from harm and death this way.

Yet, in today’s world, safety doesn’t necessarily mean ALIVE.

Sure, we’re living, breathing, working… but are we really?

Are you really LIVING? Are you really breathing in what’s around you? Are you really working on what you are called to?

Comfort makes us safe, but it also makes us fat and slow.

A well-lived life is uncomfortable, and that uncomfortable tension used properly (in moderation, with cautious curiosity) will give us what we really want, a life that is








Why? Because we’re made to pursue, we’re made to love a good story. And lucky you and me, we are creating our own unique story of who we are right now. What story will you tell?

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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