Step out of the Waterfall

Water is a great analogy for overwhelm.

When you’re overwhelmed by your life / problems, it’s like you are standing under a raging waterfall.

Every problem is flowing over you at once. The pressure is suffocating. Your senses are overloaded. It’s difficult to focus and act on a problem individually because each problem supersedes one another. Mentally, you’re not looking at a few problems, you’re looking a giant looming monster.

But once you understand you are under a waterfall, you become aware and give yourself the power to step out from underneath it.

Step out.

The biggest issue is that your spending all of your energy focused on all that’s wrong.

Problems are easier when you’re honed in on one and giving all of your strength to solve that one.

I find it’s always better to break it down to the smallest components and focus on taking action on one issue you’re facing first and succeeding, versus trying to handle them all at once and floundering.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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