Stacking Skills

I know you want to do multiple things, but have you stopped and considered that maybe it’s not possible to do them all at the same time?

Don’t get me wrong, doing multiple disciplines at once is possible, I’m not arguing that, but is it the most effective way to live?

I struggle with this so much. I envy the souls who are content to only going ankle deep into one area and leave it at that. They’ve got it easier in a way, but they’ve also set the ceiling on how much they can grow and improve.

Every hour you spend writing is an hour you must take away from designing. You’re limited with the amount you can learn from each at once.

But if you go deep into one topic, and then move to another, you can stack your knowledge on top of one another.

The more you can stack, the more unique you are.


Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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