Trouble Finding an Audience?

Maybe it’s not your work, but how you are marketing yourself.

Maybe your art, your writing, your music, your product, your message is actually really good, and the issue is you are not standing out from the crowd.

What if your product is good, but how you are selling it isn’t.

How many people out there even know it exists?

How many of your friends even know you are selling it?!

The difference between a person whispering a song in a crowd and someone standing on stage performing to millions of fans is they have a microphone.

What’s your microphone?

And it’s not about how loud you are, or how the sound, it’s about how clear you are.

What’s your story?

Why should I care?

How does it relate to what I’m going through?

Where’s the magic in what you are saying?

It doesn’t matter how big the crowd is either. If you have even just one person listening — truly listening — then you are on the right path.

We want millions of fans, followers, customers but it starts with one.

And everyone that likes or buys your art is an individual that you’re story has inspired.


Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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