How to feel good about each day

I was struggling to find answers to life questions that have been bothering me.

How do I make money without directly giving my time (paid in hours) to do so?

How do I balance my Purpose and projects with my daily life of work and responsibility?

Where do I need to be courageous?


I have a lot of things going for me.

And so many people have it worse than I do. I know that.

I’m not even going to think about complaining about the problems I’m faced with.

But I don’t feel good about my days, or at least not as good as I want to feel about them.

I jump from anxiety, to overwhelm to frustration to worry, and worst of all to dullness. The dullness is the worst. It’s like an empty pit, or a heavy curtain over my mind.

I want to make things.

I want to live a life of meaning and worth.

To be unencumbered by money, health and stress.

I don’t just want to survive each day — I want to thrive.

The question is how?

I’m no I’m not the only one going through these things. How do we get from A to Z? And enjoy the B to Y in-between?

Then an idea hit me. 🥊

It’s impossible to know how until I’m already there, looking back.

‘How’ doesn’t happen until after the fact.

How can be given or imparted to you by someone else who has been where you want to be, and is grateful enough to give you insights into that world, but even so, How must be earned.

And how is earned in the day to day.

How is learned through living and challenging yourself on what’s possible.

How is found with fresh eyes each day (Whereas opportunities usually pass lazy eyes by)

How is a continuously moving beast, and will be different for all of us.

How doesn’t matter tomorrow or the next day or the next.

We learn how to get where we want to go, and be who we want to be in every singular day.

Forget about tomorrow, focus on today. Focus on what’s in front of you. Focus on the next task at hand. Focus on the very next moment and live it like it is your last moment to breathe.


Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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