New Level of Understanding

What are you going to do if your problem doesn’t go away?

What if this is your new normal, your new baseline?

I’m not saying that this is true or that you can’t heal or overcome your current batch of setbacks, but what would you do if no amount of trying could make your problem go away?

I’ve found new meaning with my own setbacks with this kind of thinking exercise.
What if my nerve damage from my neck injury never heals?

What if my fatigue and related sleep quality problem doesn’t go away?

What fi all these things that I feel are holding me back couldn’t be changed?

Then at least I can finally let go of them.

I can stop my problems from consuming my every day and my fear of them getting in the way of my actions and desires. I have experienced pain but I don’t identify myself with that pain.

If this is the new normal, then so be it.

I’m still alive, I’m still breathing.
I can still believe and strive for solutions and positive change.

I can do what I can, with what I have, instead of doing nothing with what I want but can’t have.

By letting go of my expectations and outcomes of what should happen, I can finally rid myself of the baggage of fears and personal limitations I’ve given myself or adopted over the years that’s holding me back.

And actually start living.
Instead of comparing my current ‘broken’ self to my past in-his-prime self, I can see the value in where I am and what I have and begin to focus on what’s possible in the future.

It’s not: this is my new normal, woe is me; it’s

**This is my new normal, now how can I make it better?**

This isn’t giving up, it’s giving in to what comes and fighting tooth and nail to make sure that its filled with freedom, truth, connection, love, and happiness.

What if the problems don’t go away.
Good. Then I can finally  — finally — see them for the opportunities that they are, and understand how strong and capable I really am.

Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner

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