There’s always Another Pair of Jeans

A bought some jeans yesterday.

I didn’t plan on buying jeans. I don’t regret buying jeans. Did I need them? Hardly.

But let me back track a bit.

The fam and I took a day trip to Atlanta to see the Winnie the Pooh Exhibit at the High Museum of Art.

I grew up reading and watching Pooh and all his friends when I was younger. That and the other  Disney characters made a far-reaching impression on me more than I can say or understand. It was fun to wander the exhibit halls of massive sketches of Christopher Robin and the 100 Acre Wood.

It was interesting to see E. H. Shepard’s artistic style. You could feel the flow of the  different scene’s by his sketching and re-sketching’s characters and objects (he rarely went back and erased things).

Afterward, we hopped over to Ponce Market and had a late lunch and shopped around.

Enter the jeans.

Josh Crew (J. Crew for regular muggles) was having a sale so naturally I tried on half the store.

As I sit here, in my new jeans, I can’t help but feel struck with how much I — and we as a whole — like and a drawn to new and shiny things. Clothing, gadgets, toys, food, apps, furniture…

There’s a fine line between a want and a need, and we usually cover, ignore, cajole and borrow our way across the line from want to need. (Even when the reasons are lame)

I need this new phone, because now my current phone is so old.

I’m as guilty as anyone. I love new tech and other nice things.

But it health to stop and take stock what we let into our lives. 

Are we surrounding ourselves with things we love and find joy from, or are we just appeasing our minds, emotions, and hearts from the dreams and desires we wish we were pursuing, and the person we wish we would be. 

Jeans are beautifully crafted. Buy a nice pair, treat it right, and it will last you years. 

But if you find yourself in line for another pair, and you’re torn about whether you should buy them or not, use time to your advantage — there’s always going to be another pair of jeans (or whatever thing you want to buy). There never going to stop making Jeans. There will always be better jeans a year later. 

When it comes to purchases, what matters most is what you prioritize your spending on. If you want to travel the world, maybe don’t lock yourself into buying a house with a mortgage. Because then you need to buy new furniture for your new house, and fix the roof, and pay some one to mow the lawn and on and on to the point where you have no money or time to travel anymore. But if your dream is to start a family and own a house, prioritize that. It’s not really about choosing one thing over another, 

Life is about prioritize the things you really want to do, over the little things you only kind of want (or fill obligated, pressured, emotionally stressed into doing).


Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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