Pick me up

Sometimes all you need to do is sit down (or stand up) and just do something about it.

It — meaning, what’s holding you back or frustrating you about your school, work, self, relationships, health, life at this moment.

There’s a reason Nike’s slogan is so iconic to generations of people from around the globe. Just Do It. That simple phrase speaks says exactly what we are missing to get us from where we are, to where we wish we were. It’s not a matter of will. It’s not that we don’t want to be better, we just aren’t taking steps working towards it.

Make a list. Make it short. Act on it. Don’t eat, sleep, or do anything else until you do. Will another unhealthy meal solve our problems? Will another restless night of worrying do the trick? What about complaining, drinking, gaming, despairing, ignoring or frustrating the problem away?

Pick yourself up and do a little something, for Josh’s sakes.

Do Something About It.


Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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