300 days, 300 blog posts.

The goal was never to get to 300. The goal was and is to become a better writer and storyteller through repetition and the act of a daily writing practice.

The daily challenge is just an excuse to trick my brain into writing daily, no matter what’s going on that day. Wake up sick? Write. Work until 11:50 PM? Write. Vacation? Write on the beach, baby.

300 is a good milestone, it has meaning and significance to me — it’s just a number.  But If I stopped now, I think the future me would regret it.

It’s like all those little things you wish you enjoyed or stuck with when you were younger and you had all the time in the world. Piano practice, staying in touch with a friend, taking the BOLD road instead of the fear road. 

You can’t change what you’re younger self did, but you can change what your current self does that will make your future self happy. 

We use goals and habits as ‘nouns’ things we have or want to accomplish. Really goals and habits are ‘verbs’. They are things we do, not the things we have.

Today is your chance to make your goal real. One action. Another tomorrow. Every day moves you forward, a little closer towards the life that you do.

Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner

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