The only way to move past failure, pain, and setbacks is to persist

To persist is to keep going, even when you don’t want to. 

Despite all the misfortunes, and misdirected actions, If you can look up and enjoy the sunset, or dance poorly in a crowded room, or listen intently to what a friend has to say, you’ve won — nothing can stop you.

The opposite of resistance is giving up. To look at your problems as hopeless and lost causes. To lose before you even start. To think yourself to death, without actually trying anything or taking real steps towards solutions. Push enough buttons, and we are all capable of giving up. We are also capable of persistence, and building the strength to take on our life’s challenges by practicing persistence, surrounding ourselves with wise friends and knowledge and hone how we think about setbacks.

Persistence is a mindset. In order to have a strong mind, we must cultivate it daily, like our own personal mental garden. We are in control of what we allow to grow in our garden. Every little act or way of thinking that allows our garden to flourish, do it immediately. No to-do lists, only do’s. Anything that takes us in the opposite direction, we stop and resist. Pull out enough weeds and all you’re left with is fruit and flowers.

But maybe you are discouraged. Maybe you are completely out of your element and overwhelmed. Your garden is full’a weeds.
The best option is to focus on one weed at a time. Forget about what’s on the periphery, focus on the problem in front of you. Narrow your focus. Definitive purpose and intention.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner

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