Your Best Future

Before you, are many paths you could take.

Some lead to success (which you must define yourself) — your best self; others to ruin — not yourself.

Don’t let this overwhelm you — even a step towards ruin is not something that’s necessarily fatal. It’s better to act without knowing what the results will be, than to do nothing out of fear of failure. Inaction is always a choice you can make — but it’s a choice that leads to nowhere you want to go.

With determination, persistence, action and reflection  most paths lead to a well lived life. Determination to do something you desire to do that others say you can’t. Persistence to keep going even when everything is pushing against you. Action to speak with doing, instead of speak with talking. And reflection to know what’s working and not, and to build a life of value and principle.

The paths that lead to ruin are any decisions you make that are against yourself and your core truth. In my mind, success is becoming more and more yourself as time goes on. You can be the richest, most powerful and famous person in the world, but aren’t successful if you hate yourself, or hate everything around you.

You are always changing, but you are always uniquely YOU if you listen to yourself.

Influence is everywhere, good and bad. Fitting in is the opposite of standing out. And the temptation of being more like someone else will always be within easy reach. But 🗣👾💥🧞‍♂️ that. That’s not you, that’s them. If everyone wants to be like them, so be it. Not me, I’m going to be more like me.

And if you ever find yourself more like them and less like you, don’t worry, there’s always a road back to who you are. You might have to trace your steps, or go in a different direction, but as long as you’re still breathing, then you’re still alive, and if you’re still alive, there’s always a chance.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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