How to Always Come Out on Top of A 💩 Day

Never end a day with failure.

Even if it’s 11:59 PM and your entire day was up in flames and laughable bad, spend that last 1 minute doing something positive and you consider a win.

Be that small — brushing your teeth, setting out your clothes for tomorrow, tidying your space for the morning, mediation, making a todo list for tomorrow, journaling and thinking about your day, or whatever you would feel happy and accomplished if you did.


Always finish each day with a victory.

Regret is baked from the actions we never take.

Stay up until you’ve had a success, no matter how small it is — unless going to bed early is how you would measure a victory. The point is to set your mind and expectations for tomorrow by accomplishing something today. Every little thing we do right, cause a chain reaction of possibility down the line. By accomplishing at least one thing in an otherwise 💩 day, you’ve won — now you can go to bed with a smile on your face and feel more refreshed and ready to start the day tomorrow.

 It’s often the small things that we ignore or toss aside — feeling that doing wouldn’t amount to much — are actually exactly what we need, and that makes all the difference in our lives.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursing,

— Josh Waggoner

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