When dealing with pain, frustrations, problems, barriers, haters, ignorance, worry, anxiety, criticism, pressure, deadlines — basically anything that could put you in a non-optimal state or feel overwhelmed — there’s one essential cure:

Focus on your next action.

For a moment, forget about what happened in the past, forget about what might happen in the future, and give your 110% attention towards accomplishing the small task in front of you.

Small tasks are menial and forgettable. Looking back, you don’t really remember the specifics of saving a $100 extra a month for a trip, nor do remember living without the $100 while you were saving, but you do remember the trip. Small tasks are easy to overlook. It doesn’t really feel like you are accomplishing much in the moment. In fact, if you stop right then and there, you would have anything really to show for your efforts.

But the power of small task is that they pack a big punch. Stay consistent and deliberate with anything long enough — no matter how small — you’re going to make things happen.

Focusing on your next action also gives you breathing room. A narrowed focus that allows your mind to not dwell on the problems, and instead only on the task at head.

This is your most important ally:

Next Action: _____________________________

Stay BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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