Good Talk

There’s a massive difference between talking about your ideas, and talking about your ideas. (Wait, didn’t you just say the exact same thing twice Josh)

Let me explain.

Every now and then, an amazing idea pops in your head, for example:

Oh my Glob! What if Skittles where actually shaped like little rainbows?!

What if we attached the technology of a jet ski compacted and place it under a surf board? Motorized SURFBOARD?!!

What if a city had a month parking pass you could subscribe to, and park in any space?! NETFLIX PARKING?????

Well, maybe not these, but you have a great idea and you immediately want to tell somebody. Sharing an idea is great. I think its smart to get advice on an idea and validate to people you trust. (It’s very unlikely someone would steal your idea — unless you prove it works — so be cautious, but don’t die with your ideas clutched in your hands.) The problem is sharing an idea doesn’t make it reality.

Sharing an idea doesn’t make it real. 

I am no closer to building an electric self-powered surfboard, than you are with that cool idea you keep telling everyone you are going to do. (If this sounds soap-boxy, just know I’m reminding myself this too)  Sharing your amazing idea with a friend doesn’t make it anymore real than it was just living in your head. To make an idea real, you’ve gotta get working.

However, once you are aware of that potential pitfall, finding someone you can talk ideas with is very therapeutic. Having a conversation with someone who cares about you and desires to see you succeed might be one of my favorite things ever. (To give and to receive.) I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been able to collaborate with others by the shear fact that I was enthusiastic and genuine about what they were up to and trying to suggest ideas that might help them. It’s the unbiased (or mostly unbiased) conversations that really light me up and keep me going.

If you have a great idea — solidify it, sketch it out, use your skillsets and figure out simple ways to validate it. The more you add and bring to the idea, the more real it becomes. And if you are like me, always strive to surround yourself with people who care about your wellbeing and success. You would think that would be a default, but unfortunately, most people are looking for ways you can help them versus the other way around. If you’re struggling to create these types of enthusiastic relationships, the best tactic that’s worked for me is showing that you CARE FIRST. The more you give, the more you get.

Stay BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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