Competing With Yourself

It’s almost midnight and I can see flashes of cars, rolling towards unknown purposes. Are they far away? Are they getting close to home? Are they on an important mission?

The thing about competition, be that in sports, business or any creative endeavor, is that competition never stops. While you’re cozy in your bed, someone out there somewhere is competing with your work. And most likely more than one. That’s why it’s better to narrow Your lens and compete with yourself instead of others. Competing with ‘others’ is like trying to empty the ocean with a bucket and a shovel. The world is a complex, bonecrushing machine, ready to spit out 100 examples of businesses or art that’s better than yours. But if you’re thinking about work being better than yours, you’ve already missed the point. Great work is not about being better than everyone else in your industry, it’s about being better than you were at it yesterday. That’s how you win and creating something truly impactful. It’s better to compete with yourself. To let the work of others inspire you, but not enrage or discourage you from being worse than ‘they’ are. You are your best rival, best nemesis you can find.

The question is, are you going to let your self from yesterday be better than today’s self, or tomorrows?

Hell no.

Stay BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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