Making Habits Last

When it comes to creating habits, there are two battles you will face at once:

1.  The mental battle. This is harder than the habit itself. How you think, talk and carry yourself sends signals to your brain telling you that you’ll never create the habit. ‘I can’t because ‘ ‘why do I always get this wrong?’ ‘I can’t seem change this’.

2.  The habit itself. The physical act of doing something. Running, writing, photography, singing.. This sounds ridiculous to say, but in order to create a habit, you have to start doing it. A habit is a verb. It’s something you give your precious time to and inhabit into who you are.

If I had to give a third battle you’ll face in creating a habit, it would be everyone and everything that gets in your way, eats away all your time, and tells you that it’s impossible and that you can’t.

The biggest mindshift I learned about habits is that when you feel liking doing it the least, is exactly when you need to do it the most.

When you feel like doing it the least is exactly the moment when you need to do it the most.

When you feel lazy, and tired, sore, hangry, sad, discouraged, comfortable, grumpy, you have two choices:

Do the habit you want to do — create, write, workout, go to bed early etc

Or do the opposite and do the habit you don’t want to do — nothing, binge watch, stress eat, stay up until 2AM etc

You see, everything is a habit — there is no such thing as a non-habit — it’s either do the thing you want to or wish you would do, or do the thing you you wish you would stop doing someday.

When you act on a habit, you self perpetuate the habit. On your worst days, when everything went to h🐌ll in a handbasket, doing something towards your goals, acting on your habits will send a signal to your brain, letting yourself know — and anyone who might be watching — just the kind of person you are.

The kind of person who acts towards their dreams, even if they don’t feel like it in the moment.

That’s character. 

Stay BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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