The Worst Offender to Achieving Your Dreams

There’s your dream and then there’s you.

Well, actually there’s more to it than that.

There’s your dream, there’s you, and everything in-between that’s going to try to stop you.

Things you dislike will try to stop you: rent, bills, debt, time-sucking jobs,

Even things you like: movies, concerts, hangout sessions, games, relationships, other ideas, anything that requires a piece of your finite resources — time, energy, focus and money.

And of course some people will actively try to stop you. Haters, jerks, thieves, jellies (….? Jellies is the verb of jealous right?… Right?)

Everything that can get in your way, will get in your way if you allow it.


Which brings me to the worst offender: yourself.

Fear, failure, pain:

Things that make us stop when we really should be doing the opposite and pushing through.


  • I don’t know enough yet; I know too much to do that.
  • I don’t have enough $ yet; I have too much $ to lose do that.
  • I’m not as good as they are.
  • I’ll start when everything is perfect.


I’m not good enough. Why do I always make mistakes. Why is everything against me. I hate my life.


There’s a lot that will try to stop us, the question is are we going to let it?

Every time someone or something tells you to stop going after your dream, show them that you won’t. Intent. Persistence. Decisiveness. Inevitability.

Stay BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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