My mission is to keep these daily blogs fresh and interesting, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

It could be that my writing and storytelling abilities still need more work (they do), or, taking a step back to look at the bigger picture, it’s more likely my writing is a reflection of my life. If I’m not trying new things, doing things that push my comfort zone and consuming work from insightful and inspiring creatives, then everything I create will more than likely be stale.

Boring, unoriginal work is doing the same thing over and over, sticking to what your good at because it’s safe.

Safe is the unsafest place you can be creativity. The moment you feel safe and secure in your work is the moment someone somewhere turns it on its and completely rewrites the rules.

 Ruts happen when you think more highly of your routine then you do about the habit you are routining.

Creativity is a balance between doing things safe and taking risks. Too safe and you’ll end up being 1 in a row of millions doing the same old thing. Too much risk and you’ll end up sleeping on the streets, eating thrown out bread from Panera Bread.

The more you can be unsafe without being stupid, the greater your work will be.

Stay Bold, Keep Pursing,

— Josh Waggoner

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