Heart Decisions

Just because it’s the smart thing todo, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the heart thing to do. (Which sounds like a cheesy line straight out of a hallmark movie. But..) I’m always looking trying to make the right call, but really those types of decisions real of perfection. Within every choice we make, the only right call is making the best inform decision we can and making sure that it aligns to who we are at our core. The truth is, most of the time, there are no easy answers. There are simple solutions, but get to simplicity, you have to cut through the tagged web of chaos. (Tagged Web of Chaos sounds like a great Spider-Man Villain) As long as the choices you make align to who you are and what you value, there are no wrong paths. The only wrong decisions we can make is indecision, or decisions that go against ourselves.

Our external world is a reflection of our internal world and vise-versa.

Decisions that don’t align with who you are (or the kind of person you would like to be) tend to manifest in your life in various ways. Maybe you keeping avoiding your passions because of lack of time or money, or maybe you’re working on the wrong things at the wrong place. While your safe and secure building a career you never wanted or just stumbled into because it has good benefits, your mind and heart are thrashing around inside from things you subconsciously wish you were doing but fear. If you are an accountant but all you’ve ever wanted to do for your life is be a lead singer in a band, your mind, heart & body are going to let you know it.

Bad luck, misfortune, strange illnesses, depression, anxiety, hair loss, fear, addiction, apathy, upset stomachs, chronic pain, despair, weight gain… are all just as likely to be caused by your mind than your body. It’s not that your mind wants you to be sick or depressed all the time, it’s trying to speak to you in the only way that it can seem to get through to you.

Sure, it could simply be your sitting too much. Maybe you’re not drinking enough water. Probably both. I’m not an expert, I have no data to back this post up, but you gotta wonder, with so many rampant chronic issues and health problems out there in the world, is it ALL from lack of exercise, or is there some deeper reasons going on.

It’s late. I’m rambling. I’m mostly trying to make sense of my own problems and mysteries going on. I’ll leave you with this:

Smart decisions only get you so far. It’s the choices we make that align with our heart that takes us to the farthest corners of happiness and creativity in our life.

Stay BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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