Phoning It In

The last few posts have been so-so in my opinion. I’ve been feeling under the weather the last few days, so I haven’t put more than 10, 20 minutes of energy into each of them. There’s potential in the ideas, but not a lot of follow through.

Sometimes ideas just flow out of me, and I have a weeks worth of insights to flesh out and hone each day. Other days — like today — I’m just now sitting down at 11pm to think about what I’ve learned today I and ideas that I’ve created from my experiences. On days like today the quality and length usually reflects what type of day I had. Sometimes it’s what I don’t say that speaks the truth about how my day went.

My goal has been to write a blog post everyday, no matter what. And even with that level of frequency and dedication I never want to phone I­t­ in. People can smell unauthentic work a mile away. Resounding inspiration and impact always come from living and sharing your truth. You might be embarrassed or exhausted by what’s going on in your life, but there’s always away to true even the darkest moments into moments of learning and teaching.

No one said your work would be easy. No one has ever said life would be easy. If I­t­ was, we’d all be strapped to our hovering chairs like in wall-e, completely obvious to what life even means. It’s okay to put out bad work sometimes, as long as you are giving I­t­ all the energy you have to give in that moment. Phoning I­t­ in is keeping energy for yourself. It’s the destructive act of holding yourself back from doing your best and knowing that you are holding yourself back, which is the most self-inflecting part. Its a subconscious message to yourself that caps your limit of what’s possible.


Phoning I­t­ in is releasing an album with one great song and the rest the songs are just filler.

Phoning I­t­ in is running only halfway you intended and turning back.

Phoning I­t­ in is making excuses for why you can’t, for everything in life.

Even if you don’t have the time, energy, health, focus or creativity, do what you can. Passion speaks loudly. One passionate step each day, will shine brighter than a hundred steps of phoning I­t­ in.

Stay BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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