Is Better Than Nothing.

Today really sucked to be honest with you.

I wouldn’t say it was one thing in particular that made it an ugly day, more like too many things adding up at once.

But what can I say?

Nothing is going to change the past. All I can do is read and watch some uplifting things I love, eat some good food, go to bed early and start fresh tomorrow.

Sleeping doesn’t reset my problems, but it does reset me. By the time wake up tomorrow, I’ll be a new man, in a new day, with a blank piece of paper and a chance to improve my life. Some have it much worst than me, Some have it much better. Where you fall on the spectrum doesn’t matter. What matters is what you are going to do about it.

Stay BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

And wherever you are on your journey, keep smiling 🙂

— Josh Waggoner

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