Dating Never Stops

Even when you find your person.

Love is never a straight line.

Which is why love can be so thrilling and frustrating at the same time. The exact reasons for why you love someone, can also be the reasons why you want to pull your hair out or grab them by the shoulders and shake them.

This goes for your relationship with your partner / babe / boo / honey, or even platonic relationships.

 Any one thing in excess tends to become the opposite. Drink too much water and I­t­ will kill you. Little enduring quirks have the potential to become loud and obnoxious annoyance in high doses.

I’m mostly talking about my loud quirks, not Gabriella’s. (Or my friends and family)

If I were to guess, she fell in love with me because of my mind and my ambition. (curly hair and blue eyes don’t hurt either) And I think sometimes my ambition is also probably drives her crazy.

I know, I know. I’m a lot to handle. I have a lot of ideas, a lot of dreams and things I’m doing and a lot of challenges to go through to get from where I’m at to where I want to be. Which takes work and energy and time.

That makes time I spend with her extremely important to me. Intention is key to lifetime relationships and friendships. I say that not as an expert looking down from the mountain holding a blog of wisdom in my hands, but as soon who is learning and trying to be better at being better every day.

Intention is focus or presence put in action. Think of it like a firefighter point the water hose towards the flames. The fire is a problem, whether it’s big or small, and the water hose is your intention. Putting intention into practice every day means there’s no big fires you have to deal with. The problem is, the lack of excitement for lack of pyrotechnics means you might ease up on the water and get distracted by the new, flame-less routine, and then be caught off guard when a massive flame takes over the third floor.

…Not to say relationships are like burning buildings 😆, but you get my message behind this sloppy example….

Dating someone isn’t a one time thing, or something you do every weekend. It’s a daily intention of present in the moment and finding new and exciting ways to add spontaneity and surprise. I imagine most marriages end because the people stop dating / courting each other intentionally, and then fill that boredom with work or alcohol or other things to mask the sense of being stuck or unloved.

Dating is the act of love. We never stop dating, even after we find our person. The moment you stop is the moment friction starts taking root.

Whatever you go through, whatever you’re going through, being intentional is your way to happiness and success.

Stay BOLD, Keep Pursing,


— Josh Waggoner

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