Side effects

To be the best, you have to do I­t­ for the sheer love of the pursuit.

Money, fame, power — outward success are just side effects of inner success.

The inner success is where happiness, passion and meaning exist. I­t­ comes from aligning your words to your actions.

Am I doing what I love? Am I cultivating new curiosities?

Am I surrounded by people I love? Am I cultivating new connections?

Am I treating my mind, body and spirit well?

Outward success can enable your work, but at the same time distract you from doing the work. Money gives you the ability to pay your bills, but if abused, can split your focus and make you comfortable. Comfortable is where success dies.

It’s hard to be a great writer when you spend all your time out all night with your friends.

It’s hard to be a great runner if you spend more time in the sitting position than you do in the training position.

It’s hard to be a great freelancer if you spend all your time at your house instead of seeking clients.

 I can speak to all these things, because I battle these distractions and more every single day.


And most of all, success — even just a taste of success — can distract you from doing great work.

How many artists have make a massive hit and assumed they were set for life? And then you eventually hear about them going bankrupt. They spend money like its an all you can spend buffet and try to impress everyone around them, instead of focusing on making new work?

Creating great work is knowing the heart of your craft versus the side effects.

Stay BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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