How to Handle Overwhelm in Four Steps

First: LET. IT. GO.

For a moment, let go of all your todo’s, your obligations, all the things you want to be and do. Let go of your dreams, fears, tension from pain, worry and stress. Let go of what people tell you that you should be doing, or could be doing, or shouldn’t be doing, or can’t. Let go of what others think of you, or might think of you. Let go of what you think of you — your past, present and future self. Whatever weight your carrying, drop it all. In order to get past overwhelm, first you must leave your old life behind, at least temporarily. Take some deep breaths, and let it go.

Second: What would you keep if you could choose?

Now that you’re free from all of ^ that stuff you were carrying, ask yourself: If I could choose, what would I like to keep? Or in other words,  *what would you hate losing?*

It’s often our darkest, and desperate moments where we can find that piece of us called ‘purpose’ we can latch on to.

Third: Put Responsibility in its place.

Somethings we carry, we can’t get rid of. If you have bad credit, you can’t run away from it. You can try, but running away will only highlight everything around you that tells you ‘you have bad credit’. 

Responsibilities are only burdens when there’s no place for them in the life that you want. The best way to handle these types of weights we carry is to always keep balancing them with the right priority and perspective that aligns with you. Even bad credit viewed in a different way can be your opportunity to not only challenge yourself by improving your credit, but also give you a story to inspire others who are in similar shoes as you.


And I don’t mean a list. Lists, by themselves, become the definition of overwhelming if we are not careful. What’s a todo list but an ever-expanding universe of things you need to do but can’t quite find enough time to do them?

If you need a list, make a list. But then create a second list with only one todo, and focus all your energy on finishing that todo. And if you have the time and energy afterward, pick another.

Overwhelm ends when you control the frame that you are viewing your life from. Once you remove the background scenery and periphery in your mind you’re left with one thing: Something that’s tangible and you can hold in your hands.

Stay BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner 

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