How to Handle an Overwhelming Amount of Todos

Overwhelm is like the mental version of feeling rushed.

You’re late for work, you hit every red light, every road block, get behind every bus and physically feel like your heart is being strung out like a piece of gum.

Feeling overwhelmed is the exact same. You’re stressed yourself to the point of paralysis by the shear amount of things you have to do and the dwindlingly puny amount of time you have to do I­t­. It’s the equivalent of trying to pack your entire wardrobe into a carry-on tote bag for a flight. Ain’t gonna happen.

Having too much crammed into your day, on a perfect day, can be stressful. Having too much crammed into your day when even a tiny thing goes awry is a h*llscape. (Can you tell this comes from personal experience? 🙂 When you have too much to do, it’s easy to drain your mental energy thinking about everything, instead of doing something to check things off your list.

Overwhelm is like a combination of analysis paralysis and a panic attacks, all rolled into one ugly burrito.


Forget about all that you have to do. Write them down if you must, but fold, hide or burn the page after your done.

Fix your mind on one task that you have to do.

What’s one thing on your list that would make you feel great if you completed I­t­ today?

Write that one task down and start doing I­t­. Focus only on that one thing and forget everything else. One red light at a time. One small step towards completion.

Stay BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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