Stop Digging Holes

When your seeking multi-disciplines (Renaissance status) there will come a point when you find yourself saying yes to too many things at once.

And when you’re in a place where you’ve said yes to things you don’t want anymore, my instinctual thought is ‘I’ve got to do more to be able to do less’.

Thoughts Like:

I’ve got to work harder and longer to be able to get to a place where I can work less.

I’ve got to do more in order to be more.

I’ve got to do more things because the old ways of doing things aren’t working.

That’s the instinctual way I think most of us go about making choices.

I’ve got to dig this hole deeper in order to get out of this hole.

But really it’s the opposite that’s true. You’ve got to do less in order to make room for more. (Even when our culture and everyone around you tells you to do the opposite)

Less == More

Because less equals room for more.

The best way to think about it is there are only so many yes’s and no’s you have to give in your life. If you’re decisions where a bank account, yes’s and no’s are the transactions. A yes is money out, a no is money saved. If you’re saying yes to only things you hate, dislike or even just like, your spending your yes’s in the wrong places. But if you’re giving your yes’s to only things you love, and saying no to everything else, you’re investing in your future. You probably won’t see that investment pay off immediately, and it’s going to be hard to stay the course but it will ultimately lead to becoming the person you really want to be.

I’m still working through this myself, but I think if we let go of the doing — saying yes to everything, or to the things we only like, the more fulfilling and meaningful our lives will be.

Saying no is hard, that’s why everyone says yes to things they don’t care about. But if you want to say yes to what you want to do, you have to learn to say no to what other people want you to do.

Mastery is found in the spaces we deliberately create for ourselves because it’s within those moments, we find who we are and can grow into who we want to be.

Stay BOLD, Keep Pursing,
And wherever you are, keep smiling 🙂
— Josh Waggoner

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