Complaining Sucks

The pollen’s been bad here in Chattanooga.

It’s destroying me. I had a beet red tomato nose on Monday and could hardly breathe.

That combined with the other health issues I’m working through (unknown fatigue and lack of quality sleep)  I’m a sorry sack of sweet potatoes today.


Which brings me to my topic for today: complaining


Complaining feels good in the moment, but it’s kind of like living exclusively off Doritos for a month. That initial explosion of taste, quickly becomes your worst nightmare.

Complaining sucks all the atmosphere out of your ability to do something about your problems or what’s happening to you.

Trying to lose weight (or gain muscle) feels almost impossible when you complain, because the act of complaining drains your energy and will force which prevents you from taking steps towards your goal.

When someone cuts you off, or tailgates you on the road, sure you can get out of your car and scream blood curdling, mouth foaming, Dorito breath rage at them, but your the one who has to live with that anger. Anger, inaction, high blood pressure, stress, heart attack.


Another way of thinking about I­t­, is complaining is a magnifying glass of your problems: what was just a problem, now, has been amplified into a much bigger problem. It’s not that the problem isn’t bad, its that complaining turns a bad problem into a worse problem, because now that’s all you can think about!

Throw complaining out of your vocabulary.


When facing a problem:

Research the problem and solutions.

Come up with plan.

Write that plan down into a checklist.

Tell a few friends.

Execute the plan.


If I­t­ works: 👍

If I­t­ doesn’t, come up with a new plan.

This is the only option that creates forward momentum.

Nobody will solve this for you, you have to do I­t­ yourself. You must do I­t­ yourself, otherwise you will never be the self you want to be.


Stay BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

And wherever you are, keep smiling 🙂

— Josh Waggoner

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