Get busy dreaming or get busy dying 

Talking about your dreams doesn’t do much good. It’s the equivalent of a beauty pageant winner saying she would like world peace. (Aka not gonna happen.)

How much time a week are you giving towards working your dreams?

With all the work, chores, errands, dinners, school events… etc you have to do,  how many hours are you giving to what you actually care about?? The thing you would give your left leg for to come true?

Are you working on your health or just talking about doing it?
Are you practicing acting or just watching YouTube?
Are you writing your iOS app or just spending your time thinking about it?

Are you working on your dreams or just wishing you were?

Often times the answer is zero. Fear is holding us back from giving any time on our dreams.

Are you just going to sit idly by as your dream and life fade because of a little fear of failure, or embarrassment or making the wrong choice??

No. It’s time to say no to holding yourself back.

You are only as good as you try to be.

Doing something is usually always better than doing nothing.

Stay BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner 

IG: @Renaissance.Life

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