Life Is Bigger Than Work

If you have only one thing you do that defines who you are, you are thinking too small. You need to expand your scope of whats attainable in this life.

Defining who you are by your career as a designer (or whatever) limits you as a human. You could be the greatest designer in the world, but completely miserable because you haven’t made the time for Love, friendships and other pursuits you love doing.

Choosing to be a multi-disciplinary is more than just choosing to pursue a few things to do at the same time — It’s diversifying your opportunities. 

What happens if you lose your job, or get burned out? Then what would you be?

Balance in life is essential.
All work and no play makes Josh a dull boy. When you define yourself around only one thing, you’re living a 2d life in a 3D world.

Life is bigger than just work.
Life is more than how much money you have.
Life is bigger than how many friends you have.

Your Life is defined by all of you — your thoughts, your actions, where you grew up, what you do, hobbies you enjoy, music you listen to.

Don’t let anyone ever try to put you in a box.

Stay BOLD, Keep Pursing,

— Josh Waggoner

IG: @Renaissance.Life

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