Investments in Freedom

Do you feel free? Truly free from negative stress, worry and other constraints in life?

Freedom is lack of undesired constraints. Some constraints are good. They can act like guardrails in life from paths we don’t want to be on. Undesired constraints are restrictions others put on us.

If you hold yourself back because of fear of what others might think of you, you are not free yet.

If you’re in debt (I️.e. student loans, credit card, medical bills etc) you are not free yet. Debt is a weight on your chest you may or may not realize is there until its gone. I­t­ might not be your fault, but I­t­ is your responsibility.

If you have health problems and you constantly talk about them, compare yourself to others (whoa is me) or give into the hopelessness of your situation, you are not free yet. Problems don’t define who you are: What you do with them does.

Freedom, like success, isn’t an overnight thing. It’s a slow-moving train that is powered by action and intention. The worst thing we can do is do nothing. Accepting complacency, never making waves. Freedom happens in the daily investments.

Here are the things we should focus on each day to invest in our freedom:

Health, Fitness, Sleep
Connection, Friendships
Challenge, Growth
Wisdom, Learning, Asking for help
And Meaning (finding an outlet and pursuing I­t­ with everything we’ve got)

Stay BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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