Life Principle #5: Create A Life Mission

“There’s something in your heart, 
and it’s in your eyes, the fire,
Inside you.”

You don’t say good luck, 
You say don’t give up, it’s the fire,
Inside you.”

The Roots, The Fire

The times in my life where am the most stuck is when I lose track of where I want to go in life. Why am I doing this? When you don’t have an aim — a truth north — to guide you forward, it’s easy to spin in circles and stay in nowheresville. You feel stuck because you keep doing the same old things day in and day out without any rhyme or reason. 

When I meet someone new, I can immediately tell if they have a life mission.  They have a spark in their eyes. You can feel their energy. They have a getup and go power that most — the ones who haven’t found their life mission yet — don’t have. 

Life Principle #5: Create A Life Mission

Your Life Mission is your purpose in life. It’s your passion, your desires — It’s what you feel most strongly towards. The thing that fuels and drives you.

Your Fire.

A spark is all it takes to ignite your life.

When you unlock your mission, your life snaps into place. 

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard a thousand bloggers, books and people out there tell you to find your purpose. Find your purpose and you will succeed. I think most people treat their purpose like they are hunting for Easter eggs on Christmas Day. We don’t find our purpose in life — We create it.

We don’t find our purpose in life — We create it.

Leave finding your purpose to the self-help shamans who haven’t practiced a day in their life what they say.

You have the capability to create your mission in life right now.

It’s not all rainbows and unicorn cupcakes of course. 

For one, knowing your life mission is one thing, but living it is another. 

The more you align your daily living with your mission, the strong you’re fire will be. But there will always be opportunities and distractions you can say YES to that will pull you away from your purpose.

And sometimes circumstances, setbacks, and failures come crashing into our perfectly invincible lives.

But creating your mission in life makes you more resilient to the setbacks that come your way. In fact, your setbacks can become fuel to overcome the painful moments to get to the meaningful ones.

Instead of feeling stuck, you know you’re just not THERE yet. You still have some learning to grow.

Instead of despairing in failure, you see it as an opportunity to go further.

Instead of going around in circles, you have an aim to shoot for.

How to Create Your Life Mission

Creating your life mission is about trying on new hats and seeing what fits.

Start by looking for signs of that fire in your eyes. How do you feel when you pick up a guitar? How do you feel when you dance? How do you feel when you’ve captured a moment with your camera? How do you feel when you travel? 

Your Life Mission should feel uncomfortable, yet unbelievable. Where, you’re scared to take the leap, yet when you do, you’ve never felt more ALIVE.

Examine your life.

Q: What do you like, what do you dislike? List and draw it out.

Q: Do you see a thread underneath your favorite things to do?

My mission in life is to become a Renaissance Man, a master of multiple crafts and life of meaning and worth. My mission is to serve millions of people and help them reach their greatest potential. And my mission is creativity. To pursue creativity and imagination in all that I do.

Start creating your life mission today.

Make it larger than life, make it BOLD, and make it too big for one life to hold.

And when you get there, when you reach the top of the mountain — create another.

Stay BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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