Let It Go

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

— Theodore Roosevelt

Weekends have been difficult for me as of late. After transitioning to a 9 to 7 this past year, my flexibility and creative time have been limited. The time I spend writing, songwriting, and creating is my most valuable time I have. (Besides time spent with Gabriella of course 🙂 

That being said, I tend to give myself high expectations of what’s possible in a day and how much I can do on the weekends. When Saturday morning hits, I have an impossible level of how much I can do. I going to write 20 pages in my book, watch a course on Growth Hacking, read 100 books, go to the gym, meet up with friends, spend time with family, write 7 blog posts, work on my podcasts…

And when Sunday rolls in, I find myself completely discouraged from not being able to do anything. (Cue mental exhaustion.) Discouragement is the exact opposite state you need to be in to get stuff done and be creative.

I know this is stupid, but each time Saturday happens, there are my high expectations again. (Wherever you go, there are your expectations)

For the past few weekends I’ve tried something a little different:

Letting It Go.

I tell myself, ‘There’s only so much you can at once, Josh. Prioritize your list, and focus on one Todo at a time.’ In fact, keep another list with just that one task, so that the other possible todos aren’t haunting you throughout the day. (‘Bird by bird buddy.’)

I still have high expectations and impossibly BOLD goals, but I’ve added a soft, low-barrier layer of judgment. So if I fall short of my expectations my day isn’t ruined. 

Again, its the pattern of juxtaposition in life. Massive vision, low judgment.

Just because you didn’t get everything done, doesn’t mean you didn’t have an amazingly thoughtful and productive day.

Stop spinning your wheels. Focus on the one task at hand. Let It Go.

Stay BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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