Do You Ever Feel Aimless?

Yesterday, Gabriella and I️ went to a communication party (that’s the best way I️ can describe I­t­). All I️ knew going in was that I­t­ was a group therapy activity of games to challenge your communication skills. Jackie and Hawkeye, our lovely hosts, call them encounter games.

I️ was nervous about going, which got me excited about going too. (I’m always looking for ways to get into my discomfort zone.)

The first game was a quick ‘icebreaker’ called the mirror game. We each paired up with someone we didn’t come with and were given 1 minute to tell a story. While one person was speaking, the other would repeat and mirror how their partner spoke and moved.

I­t­ was painful to see all the mannerisms I have when I’m put on the spot! 😅
I’ve got a long way to go.

The second game was the main act of the evening. Sitting in a circle, one person choosing (free will at its finest) to be in the hot seat. There, everyone is must keep there gaze on you without looking away, and one at a time, raise their hand to ask you questions. You can tell the truth, lie or pass. You stop talking when the person who asked the question says, ‘thank you’.

When I was on the hot seat, one question I got that still on my mind was, ‘do you ever feel aimless?’

Do You Ever Feel Aimless?

The answer struck me right away, “no I don’t.” I said. “But when you want to see in your head so many versions of yourself you want to be or could be, yet you only have some much time to give, I­t­ can feel aimless and overwhelming at times of stress”.

Sometimes I feel envious of those who specialize. They know that they want to be good at this one thing and have decided to do I­t­ well. I’m just not that person, I enjoy the thrill of learning multiple pursuits and connecting them to create new idea and insights too much to drop everything and choose one thing. 

I don’t think we have to choose. We can be masters of multiple crafts with the right set of intention, principles, and values to guide the way. 

One thing you have to avoid, however, is the notion of everything all at once.

Seeking everything all at once is a fool’s errand and will leave you feeling aimless and overwhelmed.

The goal shouldn’t be more.
The goal should be less.

We had a blast last night and hope to do I­t­ again soon!

Stay BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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