Change The Story

What do you do when nothing is working?

What do you do when things fall apart?

What do you do when setbacks happen to you?

Change The Story.

Pick up anyone’s biography, such as Benjamin Franklin (or his autobiography), and everything that happens  feels so organized and assured. (Of course this was going to happen this way.. Of course he was going to be a well-aclaimed printer, and an American icon)

But when you’re living it, especially when you’re knee-deep in it and are uncertain of what to do, nothing feels assured. Everything seems like its pushing against you. The pain feels permanent, and the future so distant.

This is a story we tell ourselves, one of many we can create and choose. There’s always multiple angles to a situation. A failure can be what ruins your life or the moment you challenged yourself to become something better. Each scenario is a possibility and a story we can write.

The true is no one has it figured out and we are all doing what we feel is the right thing to do.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t better ways to go about things. The greatest people in history are the ones you build a set of life principles for the themselves that they live by.

You are writing your autobiography this very second. You’re holding the pen.

What do you do when nothing is working? 

Nothing is working because nothing is different. Change the story.

Stay BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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